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2015, N-Gauge

The device featured here is a 'Thermode' - a tool used in the diagnosis of diabetes. 

Sufferers typically experience nerve damage in their feet, so this tool applies controlled heat through a copper contact to determine whether the patient can detect any pain. 


This project was taken on through Zest Design Collective, a design consultancy myself and a few colleagues were running whilst at university. The client - N-gauge - is a medical startup in Brighton, UK. The design and prototype were subsequently featured in several medical exhibitions across London in 2015. 




This project was requested at short notice, and required a fast turnaround. The budget and timescale meant that a limited level of research and concept generation was applied. We were simply contracted to produce a few concept designs, with 1 selected to be modelled in 3D and prototyped. Each member of ZDC produced a concept design, whilst my design (featured here) was selected by the client. I modelled it in Solidworks and rendered the product images in Keyshot rendering software. 

This tight-budget, challenging project was exciting to be involved with, because the short timespan and limited input from the client forced us to work wisely with the few resources we had. After delivering the concepts within 2 weeks (and the prototype within 3), the client was very satisfied with the result.


During my final year of university, myself and a group of colleagues formed a design consultancy to support local businesses and individuals.

This student enterprise was conceived, within the University of Brighton. The key objective was to aid individuals and small startups, who would otherwise have difficulty afford design-related services. As well as being a founding member and key designer, I performed the role of Operations Manager for the enterprise too.

It was a very successful venture, assisting local businesses with 7 profitable projects over the period of a year. Projects ranged from in-house ideation workshops to product concept design.  Overall it gave us valuable industry experience with diverse commercial projects - as well as developing a prosperous legacy for following students to take further.

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