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2020, Flame Away

This unconventional fire extinguisher is the product of an exciting new startup based in Amsterdam, Flame Away. Their novel solution is a smart approach to extinguishing - achieved by throwing a vessel at the fire - which in turn smashes, releasing the chemical solution. Used in domestic applications, the product is designed to make life safer for people. The team are currently in the R&D phase and hope to have a commercial product on sale in the near future. 




Flame Away provided a number of key requirements for the vessel. One of the significant problems they discovered with traditional fire extinguishers is that while people may own one, they were typically stored away and not within reach. This led the team to aim to provide a solution which owners were happy to keep on display in their home, requiring the product to have aesthetic value. 


The vessel is evidently designed to emulate the shape of a flame, which was included to reinforce the association with the user. The symbolic shape of a flame is also an natural, organic form which is pleasing to the eye - helping to achieve the purpose of an aesthetic solution. The faceted aspect to the design has both a functional and aesthetic function too. It provides sharper edges which enable better grip in fast handling, and also adds a contemporary element. 


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