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2020, Habits Technologies

Between 2018 - 2020, I worked extensively with Habits Technologies, a Fintech startup based in Silicon Valley (US). From the brand identity and website to the design and build of their in-store kiosk, I have enjoyed collaborating on multiple areas of the development process.

They aim to simplify the payment process in stores, with the ability to order ahead and tap-and-collect. As well as enabling new customers to order from a self service check-out. You can find out more about their service and the website I developed here.




The first stage of the project was to develop the design of the kiosk. This began with the payment device and associated hardware. Due to the variety of environments the device is used, we kept the design relatively conservative, yet it still exudes a personality and reflection of the brand. The device is interchangeable with 3 stand variants, to suit different use scenarios. This includes a main kiosk stand, lightweight floor stand and a tabletop stand.