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2021, Domus Line

Domus Line are an exclusive interior lighting manufacturer based near Venice, Italy. An upcoming range of lighting accessories includes one such controller, to enable efficient management of all lighting fixtures within a home setting. 

The proposal I designed for Domus Line, built upon the simplicity of their design language. It was a challenge to incorporate all of the required features within a minimal package, while maintaining ease-of-use. 



A pretty fixed design brief was supplied, in relation to the requirements for the controller. Some of the notable needs included a circular shape of a fixed dimension, buttons that will allow you to control and manage the brightness and colour temperature of connected lighting fixtures and a support for wall fixing. The transmitter should also be easy to install in the home environment and intuitive to use.


The enclosure is comprised of just two moulded parts, which both simplifies production and accentuates the minimal design. Both of which could be moulded in different colours to offer variety.

The indicator light brings the controller to life, once the power is activated. Hidden beneath the surface, the embedded LED ring provides a mellow halo through the translucent plastic. When the power is off, the light diminishes. Intuitive bossed buttons made the controller easy-to-use without looking and provides help to the visually-impaired.

The profile is optimised to assist in easy handling; through the concave centre-piece that provides a comfortable area for the user’s thumb. The top surface is comprised of a tactile silicone, which also provides grip and offers easy cleaning for environments like kitchens. The practical wall mount is designed to offer a more secure method over alternatives such as magnets. It works on a rotational fastening system with a simple 45⁰ lock and release (that will minimise the risk of it falling on the floor). This also allows the wall bracket to be small, plus invisible when the controller is mounted.


Simple, intuitive, contemporary. The human-centered controller design, made easi.


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